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You are working hard to learn French or English and you love the Bible?

You will not find any better way than this bilingual edition where the biblical text is displayed side-by-side on each page. This allows you to easily follow the reading and switch from one to the other without having to open up the dictionary!

The versions Segond 21 and NLT (New Living Translation) are both recent and easy-to-read although sticking close to the original texts.

Remark : both versions have been translated and revised independantly from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. Due to some variants between manuscripts and sometimes different possible interpretations, it occurs in s a few passages that the meaning and/or the formulation can be a little different


  • Erscheinungsdatum 30/11/2017
  • Gewicht 1.020  kg
  • Anzahl Seiten 2100
  • Format 15.0 ⨯21.0 ⨯4.0 cm
  • Übersetzung Segond 21, NLT
  • Format 4 Mittleres Format
  • Sprache Französisch, Englisch
  • Umschlagsart biegsam
  • Material Karton
  • Einband Paperback
Bilingual Bible French/English - S21/NLT [paperback]
23.60 EUR
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