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Anglais, Bible Economy Outreach Edition

[New Living Translation]

Version : New Living Translation

  • EAN / ISBN 9781496432285
  • Verlag Tyndale
  • Artikelnr. NLT3228

Tyndale’s tradition has always been to make the Bible available to everyone in a language they can understand. Now, the NLT Outreach Edition takes the next step in making that happen. Not only is it the most affordable, but it is the most approachable Bible we’ve ever produced. We’ve included a reading plan to guide users through the Bible, giving them a place to start. Book introductions that provide context for the world they’re entering into, and the most readable translation removes the daunting nature of the Bible and invites all readers into a story that will forever change their lives.


  • Gewicht 0.434  kg
  • Format 14.0 ⨯21.6 ⨯2.4 cm
  • Sprache Englisch
Anglais, Bible Economy Outreach Edition - [New Living Translation]
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