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Holy Bible

Version : New International Version

  • EAN / ISBN 9780310446774
  • Verlag Zondervan
  • Artikelnr. NIV4677

The NIV Outreach Bible will enable you to present first-time Bible readers with an easy way of discovering the Scriptures as an unfolding story. You can feel comfortable and confident handing this Bible to anyone interested in spiritual issues, or is open to talking about God. Features include full text from the New International Version, cross-references, footnotes, and articles that help you get started and how to read the Bible.


  • Gewicht 0.469  kg
  • Anzahl Seiten 1152
  • Format 14.2 ⨯21.2 ⨯2.8 cm
  • Sprache Englisch
NIV - Holy Bible
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