Mercy Rule (2014)

Auteur : Darren Doane

La famille Millers apprend des leçons de patience, sacrifice, confiance en Dieu.

Texte en anglais : A baseball adventure for the whole family featuring the Miller family as they learn life’s lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy and trusting God. Mercy Rule depicts a middle-class, suburban American family, the Millers. The father, John (Kirk Cameron), owns a scrapping and recycling business started by his father. His business has been successful for many years while operat- ing with honesty and integrity. However, a cunning lobbyist named Evan Trufant (James Bladon) pays John a visit one day in an attempt to undermine the business. He attacks John with a pro-environment agenda, accusing John’s business of recycling hazardous waste and toxic materials. John feels crushed by the liberal laws and policies that make his company’s demise seem imminent. He draws strength from his wife, Maddie (Chelsea Cameron), who lovingly encourages him, and from his brother, uncle Ben (Tim Hawkins), whose friendship likewise keeps him afloat. Meanwhile, John’s son Cody (Jared Miller) is working dili- gently to succeed on his little league team, and dreams of being able to pitch for them. Cody pleads with his eccen- tric but familial coach (Bas Rutten) to be able to pitch, and eventually gets his chance. Langue : anglais (pas de sous titrage)

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Mercy Rule (2014) - [DVD]
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